Welcome to the Adventure.


A little more about me and 

Unravelled Thyme…

        My name is Paige and The Lord has given me passions for art, photography, children, crafts, the great outdoors, sports, nature, and the list goes on and on. I am a Texas A&M graduate who nudged herself into the major of Psychology because of her love of understanding why we are the way we are, as well as a Minor in Horticulture because nature can be used to help anyone escape this crazy world of fast pace and instant gratification. I am going through this life recognizing that you never stop learning, friendships are around every corner, and bluebell ice cream has the capacity to change a days trajectory.

      Join me as I continue to uncover what makes up this life we live all the while pursuing what I consider joyous. I am here to invite you into my little world of vegetable planting, rock wall climbing, grilled cheese making, and adventure taking, join me in my journey of this amazing, beautiful, spontaneous thing we call life.

      To me Unravelled does not mean falling apart or ripping at the seams but it means to take apart and see the true identity. You know that if you unravell a baseball and take it apart you will see every single component that makes that baseball up. From the laces to the leather to the hard ball inside to the string wrapped around it a bajillion times. No matter which way you look at it, if a baseball did not have all the components it needed then it would not be useful and definitely would not be a baseball. That is how I see Unravelled. I see Unravelled as looking beyond the surface and truly looking at the components of life and every moment uniquely instead of as a whole.  

Unravelledthyme is the idea of unravelling and uncovering

where and how we invest our time.

Unravelled Thyme

    Soon you will begin to uncover where your purpose is, your passions lie, and you begin to find out your true identity.

Join me as we UNRAVELL this life we live one second at a THYME.