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East Texas is home to neverending trees, the most gorgeous fall colors, beautiful weather, and small town love. When I moved to Tyler in August, I did not realize how quickly I would love East Texas. I can easily call this place home. Because I am a travel nerd who loves to uncover what is around every turn and bend I of course began adventuring around East Texas as quickly as I could. Here I will tell you some of my finds, and some little East Texas treasures.


If you know me , you  could say that barbeque sauce practically runs in my blood. If I see a BBQ place it is my absolute go to for a meal. I love the smell, and I love some delicious ribs with a side of the best potato salad and a big ole sweet tea. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.. you know you are from Texas when… 🙂 I love making a competition to see which BBQ place is better and my family should truly have  rating board somewhere in our house. Without further ado, Here are the BBQ Heavens I have discovered so far in Tyler TX.

STANLEYS   525 S Beckham Ave, Tyler, TX 75702 ·

The Famous Stanleys BBQ. Live Music, amazing atmosphere, mouth watering food…who can beat it? They are known for their ribs, I personally LOVE their jalapeno sausage and potato salad. A great place to go on a week night to grab a drink and stuff your face with barbeque. Nothing can beat Stanleys, it is all around a really awesome place!

COOKSYS(Whitehouse)- 14283 Fm 848, Whitehouse, TX 75791

I discovered this little piece of Heaven when I flew by my job one more when I was not paying attention and came across Cooksys on the side of the road, best detour ever! Oh my Heavens above,  get in my belly all hours of the day!! My mouth is watering thinking about Cooksys. Last time we went we got the stack.. a pile of new potatoes, jalepenos, any meat you want, cheese, and more….INCREDIBLE! As we sat at the table on a Saturday afternoon people stopped every couple of minutes to get a to go order. There is a small seating area off to the side that is covered and a perfect place to take a break. Get your fat pants ready if you are headed to this place, Major fan right here!

RIBMASTERS(Whitehouse)- 803 Tx-110, Whitehouse

I stopped in here while I was venturing around Whitehouse Thrift stores. I drive by everyday on my way to work and one day I thought I would stop and give it a try. Man oh man golly gee…talk about some incredibly nice people and some of the best “moist”(yes I hate that word, but I cant think of another word) turkey I have ever eaten! They were so kind from the moment I walked in the door, let me try a slice of turkey and recommended what to get. I walked out the door with “The Danny Special” a chopped beef, sausage, and jalepeno sandwich! Goodness gracious it was delicious. They are known for their ribs and I will be going back to try some as they were out when I got there. Go try them out!

BODACIOUS BBQ-1879 Troup Hwy, Tyler, TX 75701

Bodacious BBQ is a chain restaurant. They can be found all over East Texas. I personally like their pulled pork sandwiches. Bodacious was a place we would eat on weekends when we worked at Summer Camp. Not the top of my list but not bad BBQ.


I know there are more BBQ places and I will add to this list as the time goes on. If I could eat BBQ everyday I would but my tight jeans tell me otherwise.


Well besides traveling and BBQ and sweet tea, another one of my greatest loves is the great outdoors. I  am absolutely content when I end a day and I spent more time Outside than in. There is just something therapeutic about breathing in the fresh air and finding constant details in nature that point you to a magnificent Creator.


Baseball fields, trails, splash pad. We personally have used the trails more than anything because that is something we love to do. They are not super long trails but we have really enjoyed them.


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. As a photographer, I have taken many pictures here because of the incredible scenery. Go fishing on the many different docks, go swimming  in the hot months, camp and hike. Tyler State Park is an amazing afternoon trip. If you love going to State Parks I highly recommend the State Park pass, it is 70 dollars for a year. Every time you go in a state park it is usually 5 dollars a person for a day pass so if you have a big family and go to state parks a lot it pays itself off super quickly.


I have yet to make it to the Caldwell Zoo but it is absolutely on my list. I have heard SO many great things about this place.


Bike, walk, have someone pull you in a wagon. There are trails not too far from South Broadway and are a nice escape and perfect place to take a walk. Everytime we have went the trails have never been empty, lots of people out enjoying the weather and exercising!

CAMP TYLER(Whitehouse)

I may be biased because I work out here but Camp Tyler is absolutely amazing for Outdoor Education.  We teach outside of the four walls of a classroom and engage kids in nature with hands on learning. Although we are not a place you can go whenever you want you can still call and plan a field trip here, your kids birthday party, there are so many neat activities to do.  Anything from blacksmithing to candlemaking to farm animals to survivor skills and more, check Camp Tyler out for your next outdoor adventure. Remember you have to call to plan and reserve facilities here they aren’t public or free.

THE BOULDERS(Whitehouse)
Just down the street from Camp Tyler is a new fishing pier and place to camp. Located directly on Lake Tyler, it is a perfect place for a picnic or a place to go for the day or overnight.

I know this list is short, as I find new Outdoor places I will add them to the list.


With Joy,






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  1. I have been eating BODACIOUS since I was a little girl!! I was born in Tyler in ’83 and we move to Fort Worth when I was about 3. But every year we make it back to East Texas for noonday onions and BBQ!! Ooh and of course the Tyler Roses, which is where I got the name for my blog! Yellow Rose Life!! Loved the post!

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