Tiny RV Fridge Organization Tips and Tricks

RV Fridge Organization

Living tiny means being intentional and creative with every single space in your home. One area that is typically incredibly hard to organize when you first get started Full Time RVing is your tiny RV fridge. While some RVs have giant fridges, most have smaller than usual fridges that require optimal organization and design.

Over the past year, I have tried various things in our fridge and figured out what typically works well and what doesn’t.. and I am constantly learning more. I have compiled five tips and tricks to get the most out of your RV fridge.

No matter what size fridge you have, baskets and containers allow you to stack and combine various items to use your space wisely. We found many of our containers at Home Goods because they had several that were more slender and compact.

**Tip: Measure the depth and width of your fridge shelves before going on a shopping trip!

RV Fridge Labels

Labels help to have everyone in the house on the same page for where everything goes and is a great way to find what you need fast. Labels also allow you to unload groceries and divide them into the exact containers they should go.

***Tip: Use Canva to create stickers and print them on sticker paper or order some cute ones on Etsy!

RV Fridge

When you come home from the grocery store, you will likely have a box of this and a bag of that, creating an abundance of plastic and cardboard that is not needed. If you have a box of granola bars, unload the bars into a snack basket and get rid of the box.

Fruits and vegetables can come out of the bags to minimize excess stuff in your fridge and free up more room. Cheesesticks can be taken out of the bag, separated, and placed in your cheese bin for easy grabbing. There are so many items that you can take out of the extra bag or box and free up more space.

Tip: Plan your containers specifically for loose items that you take out of the excessive bags or cardboard.

Space for RV Fridge Leftovers

Leftovers are sure to happen throughout the week so leave a space open so you won’t be cramming food into random spaces. We usually use the top shelf in our RV fridge for leftovers, so they are all in one place.

**Tip: If you make an abundance, add some to your freezer to use later. We typically create large crockpot meals that will serve multiple meals and freeze some.

RV Fridge Restock Zone

In a tiny space, you often cannot have everything out in the open at once. For snacks and drinks that don’t have to be continuously refrigerated, we have a restock zone.

Unload some drinks in the fridge and then have another place for your “restock” area. As you drink some, simply replace them from the stockpile.

***Tip: Place your stockpile in an easy-to-access space that is still out of the way. We have ours in a basket underneath our sink, so they are out of the way and easily accessible.

RVing is truly such an amazing adventure and one that will allow you to make memories around every turn. When you downsize to live tiny you typically get rid of excess stuff, RV organization is simply about organizing the necessities to make the most out of your space.

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Here is to unravelling this life we live one adventure at a thyme.
Happy organizing friends!

With Joy,


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  • Paige, this was SO SO helpful!!! I’m saving this blog post because you brought up so many amazing points! I loved putting leftovers in one place. Mine always get lost and go bad. I Love Taking things out of their packaging!!! So much more space is created. Thank you again, Paige! So helpful!!!!

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