Thrifting in Tyler, TX

I love to explore. I love to go to new places and go road by road to find hidden treasures. When I moved up to Tyler, Texas, I knew I was beginning a new adventure with many roads I had not travelled yet. I have set out to uncover the jewels of Tyler. In this post I will cover the Resale shops and thrift stores in  Tyler, TX, cue the song Thrift Store by Mackelmore.

Hangers of Hope  3500 S Broadway Ave, Tyler, TX 75701    (old store)

20 WSW Loop 323  Tyler, TX 75701

Hangers of Hope has opened a brand new massive store! No matter how often I go I almost find new treasures at incredible prizes.  They have an extremely kind and helpful staff and a great thrifting atmosphere….not too cram packed but still a lot of finds.

Platos Closet    322 E Southeast Loop 323 Ste 160, Tyler, TX 75701

Umm hello new wardrobe. Instead of going and spend 60 dollars on a dress you will wear one time head on over to Platos and get 5 shirts, a pair of pants, a dress, and some shoes for 60 dollars. You can get a whole new wardrobe. I gathered a collection of four dollar gently used shirts and walked out feeling like a million bucks. Don’t underestimate the power of gently used clothes both for your self confidence and your wallet. Platos Closets has purses, jewelry, shoes, and more and although it seems to be geared more to the young adults, I am positive anyone could find something.

Clothes Mentor   7006 Highlands Ln, Tyler, TX 75703 ·

I have yet to venture over to Clothes Mentor but I have heard that is up there with Platos Closet in terms of finding awesome clothes. Clothes Mentor is geared for all ages!

Saint Vincent De Paul    500 S Vine Ave, Tyler, TX 75702

This little gem has about five rooms full of greatness. The only thing with SVDP(what the sign is labeled as) is that you HAVE to pay in cash, so be prepared. There was a slight smell of mothballs when I entered that was not the most pleasant, but the place had little treasures in every room. Venture over there and collect some gems. The prices were great and there was a TON to choose from, all in great condition.

Salvation Army      633 N Broadway Ave  Tyler, Texas, TX 75702

Multiple pieces of furniture we have are Salvation Army makeovers. We scored a 5 dollar night stand that now holds our record player as well as two 10 dollar night stands that we transformed into farmhouse nightstands! I don’t always find good things here but its worth a stop, and it is one of the cheapest places I have found!

Flamingoes   107 W 6th St, Tyler, TX 75701

Benefitting the East Texas Crisis Center, Flamingoes is amongst the more fancy thrift stores. A lot of their merchandise is a bit more high end and fancy. If you are looking for something nicer than I would definitely stop by Flamingoes!

Goodwill   1817 Loop 323 WSW  Tyler, TX 75701 (this is the address for the biggest goodwill)

Unfortunately, I have not been the most impressed with Goodwill’s in Tyler Texas. Some of my friends have found awesome treasures but every time I go in one of the Goodwills I am more overwhelmed with clothes than anything else. So if you are looking for clothes for super cheap stop at Goodwill, I personally think Platos Closet has nicer and very well priced clothes.


A lot of these thrift stores are along Broadway or the Loop so you could make a day out of thrifting around Tyler. Start at Platos, go to the new Hangers of Hope,  go towards downtown and stop at Flamingoes then Hangers of Hope then Salvation Army then Saint Vincent de Paul and call it day!

Here is to amazing treasure hunting! Someone elses trash may be your super awesome treasure.


With Joy,


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