Shiner, TX

We knew we had to stop in Shiner, TX because of the incredible birthplace of Shiner Beer. We found so many other hidden treasures in this small town. Every place we turned we found new places that make Shiner TX unique. Please use this guide to get the most out of Shiner TX. This guide in no way shows everything you can do in Shiner, TX…just the favorite places I found.

  • Spoetzel Brewery | Stop for Drinks & Fun : As we pulled into Spoetzel Brewery we were greeted with the most gorgeous white building surrounded by tables and games for all to enjoy. We went on the tour of the facility and loved learning the history of where the brewery began. Our favorites were Shiner Bock, Ruby Redbird, Strawberry Blonde& Premium.
  • Werners 5 ninety 4 | Get in my belly: We went to many restaurants while we were in Shiner but this is the one that we would visit time and time again. We split a Bacon Jam Burger and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. We also tried the BBQ chicken flatbread and it was gone within a minute of it hitting the table. Their food was unique and everything we tried was DELICIOUS.
  • Antiques & Beer | Best of both worlds: You walk into this store and you are greeted with wall to wall antiques and gifts. As you move further into the store you are greeted by a bar stocked with hundreds of choices of beer and wine. Grab a glass of what you love and shop while you sip…hello perfection. They have tables throughout the shop to sit and relax as well. We were greeted by the most precious Weimeraner at the register right as we walked in. incredible atmosphere.
  • Shinerville Coffee House | Precious as can be: Loved the ambiance of this little shop. I ordered an Iced coffee…my absolute go to, and the shop owner surprised me. She used frozen coffee as icecubes so the ice wouldn’t water down your iced coffee..can you say absolute genius. This little coffee shop is a perfect place to shop to study, read, or have a cup of coffee with friends.
  • Maekers Sausage Shop | Jams, Jellies, Sausage..oh my: Maekers is known for their sausage but as you walk into their store you are created with so many different choices. They have homemade everything..ranch, queso, salsa, jams, everything you can think of. We absolutely love getting jarred goods from all the different places we visit, its so fun to stock up on an assortment of jars from all over instead of what you find at a local store.
  • Howards Convenience Store | Sadly we did not get a chance to stop in at Howards but I heard nothing but good things about this little place. They rent movies, vhs, dvd, have places to sit with friends, and have many different beers to choose from. A local told me that this is one of the places to stop in Shiner.
  • Blue Stem | Unique handmade: You cannot miss the unique architecture of Blue Stem, hand built by the owner. Inside you will find handmade items from local artisans and every piece seemed to tell a story.

Where we stayed: Shiner City Park

Best Sites: We were the only ones there except for one day, the lady at city hall set us up in Site 5 saying it was the best for shade.

Pros: Close to town, walking trails, pond, concrete pad.

Cons: Placement of Water & Sewage was incredibly hard to hook up to as it was placed behind the site. We had to get an extension of our hose for it to reach. Right next to high school so you will hear band practice every morning.

Here is to unravelling this life we love one adventure at thyme. To find more Unravelled Thyme travel guides click here.

With Joy,

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