RV Bedroom Reno

As we first walked into our bedroom it was so dark. I wasn’t a big fan of all the dark tones and heavy textures in such a tiny space. I LOVE color, but for this bedroom and its size I thought white would open it up and make it look more spacious. We traded out the springy trailer mattress for our Queen mattress from home and it was worth all the maneuvering to make it fit. Below you will find what I used for the bedroom and where I found the different details. I am super frugal so this Reno was easy to do and nice on the wallets as well! *some links are affiliate links meaning that I get a small commission from sales. Happy renovating friends!

  • Paint| Behr Paint & Primer in One in Pure White : Because of how glossy RV cabinets are, you HAVE to sand these down first as much as you can. If you don’t the paint wont stick and although it may look good in the beginning it will peel off and chip easily in the long run! This paint is the bomb.com because it has paint and primer together! You will still have to do multiple coats of white, but it make it a little easier. $45.00(enough for bedroom cabinets & kitchen!)
  • Handles | Rustoleum Universal Semi Gloss Black Spray Paint : Instead of spending more money on new handles we just reused the old ones and spray painted them. They have held up beautifully and I LOVE the contrast against the white cabinets. $6.00(enough for multiple projects)
  • Corbels | Command Strips : I was gifted these years ago from my Aunt. They used to hold up a cute little shelve that lived in her house. Instead of drilling into our cabinets I put a command strip on each side and attached them to the cabinets that way. Command strips are PERFECT for RVs, they allow you to drive with decor still up and give you the ability to change decor without putting holes in the walls. They have held up great and are a nice little touch! $8.00(enough for multiple projects
  • Wallpaper | NuWallpaper Grey Buffalo Plaid Peel & Stick Wallpaper : We had this wallpaper in our fifth wheel that we had to leave behind and I was so in love with it that I ordered it again. With peel and stick wallpaper for the most part it stays up beautifully, I have one corner I needed to add a little adhesive too. The beauty of this wallpaper is that if in the coming years I get tired of it, it just peels right off and leaves no trace…praise hands! $30.00
  • Headboard | Embroidery Hoops : I am a Cotton Stem fan girl, this idea was inspired by a headboard she did a while back. Simple AND cheap. I used embroidery hoops and cut small pieces of greenery off a piece of garland I had under our TV. I hotglued them to the wall and they have held up great. Multiple Craft Stores & Walmart $5.00

I seriously love our Bedroom now that is lighter and brighter. Of course I am still searching for special pieces to add to our little nook, for now I adore the colors and how it has turned out. Happy renovating friends!

Here is to unravelling this life we live, one adventure at a thyme.

With Joy,


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