Natchitoches, Louisiana Travel Guide

Driving down Front Street you are greeted by shops, restaurants, and a whole walking path right along the river. Christmas lights are still up from their famous Christmas festival and smells of delicious food enter your nose as you stroll down Front Street. The Visitor Center is open and beaming with brochures of local activities you can do. While walking down the River path, you step back into the Steel Magnolia Easter Egg Hunt scene and you relive the movie as you drive around locating Steel Magnolia Houses all over town. We loved our time in Natchitoches and have it on our bucket list to go back for the Christmas Festival. This little town is beaming with character and its such a precious town full of unique things to do!

Natchitoches Travel Guide:

Food & Drink in Natchitoches

  • Maglieauxs | Get in my Belly : We ventured into Maglieauxs passing through from New Orleans a couple of years ago and ever since we have been dreaming of the day we could back. Food dreams of their Pesto Mozzarella Burger and Italian Nachos danced in our head and we couldn’t wait to go back. Maglieauxs was our first stop in Natchitoches and it absolutely did not disappoint yet again. Located right along the river, the restaurant is more pricey, but it our opinion its totally worth it. P.S. its still our favorite stop in Natchitoches Our Favorites : Seafood Cannoli w/ Crawfish on top, Pesto & Mozzarella Burger, Peach Lager from Cane River Brewing. Times: M-Th, Sun 11-9, Fri-Sat 11-10
  • Cane River Brewing Company | Awesome atmosphere: Residing in a restored Cotton Gin building, Cane River had a very neat and inviting atmosphere. You can order a flight, glasses, or even growlers full of their beer. They also have games you can play, cornhole, and fun events during the month. Our Favorites: Pilsner & Peach Lager Times : Th 4-11, Fri 4-12, Sat 11-12, Sun 12-8
  • Lasy Ones Meat Pies | Fried greatness : Known for their meat pies and a staple of Natchitoches, we knew we had to stop in for a try. Usually when we go out to eat, we get things we both want to try and then split half and half, because whats the fun in eating one course lol. I ordered the Crawfish Pie with Dirty Rice and Connor ordered the Meat Pie with Red Beans and Rice. I LOVED the Crawfish Pie and Dirty Rice better, but Connor still stood by the Meat Pie. Our Favorites : Crawfish Pie, Dirty Rice, Meat Pie Times : Mon-Sat 10-3

Shopping in Natchitoches

  • Kaffie & Fredrick Mercantile | Anything & Everything: Is it tools you need? They got it, Plants? Yep that too, Kitchen Supplies? All of them and more, Gifts? A little of everything. This mecca of a shop in downtown Natchitoches was full to the brim with anything and everything you could imagine. It had tons of gifts, kitchen gadgets, and then had the supplies regular hardware stores would supply. I would call it a one stop shop in downtown Natchitoches. Our Favorites: The Cast Iron Collection & Tiny Plants Times | Mon-Sat 8-5
  • Cane River Kitchenware | All the goodness |When you first walk into this shop you are greeted by containers upon containers of coffee beans and even samples of whatever coffee they brewed that day. Continue walking and you will be surrounded by every kitchen gadget you never knew you needed and MORE samples of their snack crackers. Keep strolling through all the neat kitchen gadgets and on the back wall they have all types of mixes for dips, soups, Cajun dishes and more. We went on a day where their entire back room was open and they had made soups, chowders, jambalaya, gumbo, dessert, dips, and more all from the mixes they sell at the store. We were in Heaven and we honestly wanted to buy a lot of their mixes. Our favorites : Corn Chowder Mix & Jambalaya Mix Times | Mon-Sun 10-9


  • Steel Magnolia Film Trail | Step back in time : Go to the link above or stop right outside the visitor center and grab a Film trail brochure. We watched the movie earlier in the week so we had all the locations fresh on our brain. We then ventured around town to see all the places Steel Magnolias was filmed. It was pouring down rain so we could only drive by, but many our private residences now anyway. The main house from the movie is now a bed and breakfast which would be fun to stay in if traveling to Natchitoches. Steel Magnolia Bed & Breakfast.
  • Melrose Plantation | History : If you are a history buff and love to step back into time then I would travel to Melrose plantation. I read the history of Melrose before we went, on their website and it was so interesting. Also, Clementine Hunter, a famous artist lived and worked their so her art is located throughout the plantation. $5 dollars for walking tour, $10 for guided tour, Times Tu-Sun 10-5

Out of Season:

Going in January many places had slowed down or it was way too cold to do during the colder months. It also rained most of our time there.

Here is to unravelling this life we live one adventure at a thyme. Happy adventuring friends! Check out other Unravelled Thyme travel guides here.

With Joy,


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