Arkansas State Park | Lake Ouachita

Lake Ouachita State Park | Mountain Pine, Arkansas

Situated amongst the Ouachita National Forest sits the beautiful, magnificent, Lake Ouachita. Lake Ouachita is placed perfectly surrounded by trees, yet it is only fifteen minutes from downtown Hot Springs. Covered with over 100 Islands, Lake Ouachita is beaming with life, from the boats that dock on its shores to the diversity of fish beneath the surface, the lake is absolutely stunning.

We camped in a campsite on Crawdad Island. We had a small view of the water and we were spaced far enough from our neighbors to have our own little area. Each campsite was only 12 dollars a night and had a fire pit, picnic table, and small area to set up your tent. We fell in love with this park because it was so pretty, but also because it was close to Hot Springs, an hour and a half from Petit Jean, and an hour to Dewey State Park. Along our adventure we learned many things about this park that helped it quickly find its way into our list of returnable parks. So without further adieu, here are our dos and donts of Lake Ouachita State Park.


  • | Camp on one of the 100 Islands |
    • Kayak out to an island and hammock, watch the sunset, cook smores, fish, and swim. It is your own little private oasis and the stars are absolutely remarkable. Plus its free ninety nine.
  • | Hike the Caddo Lake Trail |
    • We only hiked part of this trail but along the way there were many spots perfect for fishing or swimming.
  • | Bring an air mattress or padding |
    • The place to set up your tent is made of gravel so choose wisely what you will be sleeping on. We bought a cheap air mattress from Walmart and we have not stopped talking about what a great purchase it was.
  • | Bring some kind of boat |
    • In order to get the most out of Lake Ouachita you have to bring a boat, kayak, or canoe. The marina also rents them out, so take advantage of that as well.
  • | Explore Hot Springs |
    • Hot Springs is only about a 15-20 minute drive.
    • Go to town for half the day and check out Superior Bathhouse Brewery where they use the thermal Hot Springs to brew beer and man oh man is it good !Our favorite was the Octubafest or Kolsch. If you know me at all you know I am a cheese addict, almost obnoxiously, but their Beer Cheese Dip is worthy of wearing your stretchy pants.
    • Another fun place to go is the Bathhouse Soapery. The Soapery is one of the best smelling places I have ever set foot in, I wanted all the smells in my purse but somehow resisted. One of my favorites was the Gypsy smell.
    • Quapaw & Buckstaff Bathhouses are both operating bathhouses that use the hot springs. With either you can sign up for a massage, take a dip in the thermal springs and much more.
    • Ohio Club. Hot Springs oldest bar and we have heard that their meat and cheese platter is the but we have yet to try it!
    • Last but not least Fat Bottom Girl Cupcakes. Get in my bellllyyyy
  • | Drive the Scenic 7 byway |
    • Whether you are traveling to Petit Jean or just want a gorgeous drive, Scenic 7 byway is a gorgeous drive through Ouachita National Forest. It is extremely curvy but it has many rest stops for picnics and such!


  • Pass this Park up, if you are a water junkie like me, this Park is totally worth your time.

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