Our Full Time RV Story

Our RV Story

On July 21st, 2019 we took off in our 35 foot travel trailer with two fur babies to become a full time RV family. We sold or donated 90 percent of our belongings in hopes of pursuing a life of adventure full of memories, not things. We found ourselves getting bored with the mundane and we were tired of not having enough energy after everything was said and done to pursue our joys of adventure and the great outdoors. We decided to take a leap into the unknown and left behind a life we were used to, to uncover a life that was unexpected. We are traveling around Texas and the lower states uncovering hidden gems along the way. Along our journey we have grown an insanely immense amount. We left behind things that now we realized we never truly needed. As time has gone on we have seen where our time that we spent trying to just keep up is now being invested so much more in friendships, outdoors, and passions. We feel we have become an unbreakable team of husband and wife as we have learned even more to bend, but never break as we work through the unknown side by side. The Lord has shown us how perfect we truly are for each other, I live in 300 sq ft with my husband and I can honestly say I love him even more than I did before..which I didn’t think was possible. For our family, this decision was exactly what we needed.

Take the leap, take the chance, go for your dreams wholeheartedly.

Are we going to buy a house? Of course, but right now we are over the top content exactly where we are. Don’t be so focused on the future that you miss the journey you are on. Are we going to have kids? God willing, but we are in no rush and you could absolutely do this lifestyle with kids. Are we crazy? Maybe, but I’d rather be crazy than live a life that I wasn’t content with. We love our life as a full time RV Family and we haven’t looked back!

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