Flight must haves.

Travel. by car, by boat, by plane. No matter where you go you always want to pack the necessities to make your trip as smooth as possible. It is no fun to be on a flight to a dream destination and be miserable the whole time. Here is my list of must haves to have a comfortable flight.

  1. If you have problems with your ears popping during a flight, especially during take off or landing buy a decongestant. I took a flight to Atlanta and had the worst ear poppage(is that a word?!?) in the world. I was in immense pain and once I got off my hearing was muffled for a day or two, no matter how much I tried to unpop them. It was frustrating as all get out. THEN I discovered nasal decongestants. I use Sudafed and take it an hour or two before I land and literally have no problems with my ears. Because nobody wants to start a trip with ear pain and cloudy hearing…take Sudafed!
  2. If you are on a long flight pack a waterless toothbrush. They are small wands made by Colgate that have a bubble of toothpaste in the bristles. When you begin brushing your teeth the bead pops and wa-la it is like you just brushed your teeth. If you have been on a long flight you know that as the flight goes on you feel more and more like you have not showered and months and you know your breath could kill a small army. These little magic wands will save you from having killer morning breath for the rest of your twenty hour flight.
  3. Pack an empty water bottle. I always carry a Nalgene, but whatever you prefer. The beauty of bringing an empty water bottle is you can get it past security and once you are past security you can fill it up at a water fountain. For flights in general staying hydrated is very important. I used a water bottle a TON while in Australia instead of buying water throughout the day which saved a lot of moola.
  4. Boise noise cancelling earphones are absolutely INCREDIBLE. They tune out all the unnecessary noise and makes falling asleep a breeze. When you put them on you create your own little home theater or concert, they are amazing.
  5. Bring some snacks. Most flights they will give you a small snack but if you are like me and it is a longer flight make sure to bring some snacks. My favorite snacks to bring in my backpack are trail mix and granola bars.
  6. Bring a jacket or scarf to use as a blanket. By the time I was home from Australia I had been on 10 different flights in and around Australia and then home. There were some flights that were warm but overall I was always a little bit chilly. It is better to pack a jacket in your purse or carry on then be an icicle by the end of the flight.
  7. This tip is not solely for flights but bring a travel journal. For every trip I take I buy a small travel journal. One that will fit in the front pocket of my backpack and I can carry with me. At the end of every day or the next morning I would take a couple minutes and write down all the highlights of the day before. This seems tedious and unnecessary but years from your trip you will be so grateful you wrote those details down. IN the moment you think you will remember EVERY detail but you won’t so take the time to write as you go.
  8. Put your bag of liquids where they are easily accessible. I saw many people digging through their bag to try and find their liquids which made getting through security terrible for the people behind them. Being prepared means doing what it takes before you leave to make your trip as easy as possible.
  9. This may be a personal preference but for long flights pick seats on the aisle. Think of a fifteen hour flight, everyone sleeping, dreaming of their trip, and you realizing you have to go to the bathroom or stretch your legs. Now you have to either somehow ninja your way over the two to three people next to you or wake each one of them up. I personally love the aisle because you have room, you aren’t smooshed like a sardine, and you can go to the bathroom whenever you want. Now, don’t get my wrong, I love flying and looking out the window, and a window seat is totally my first preference, but not for long flights.
  10. Have fun and don’t stress. Trips are adventures, meaning things may go different then what you expect at first, roll with it, figure it out, and keep moving because those are the moments that will make your story memorable. Yes, there are moments that are worthy of stress during a trip, but do not let every little moment that goes different be a moment of immense stress.

Here is to unravelling this life we live one moment at a Thyme.

Happy Travels.

With Joy,


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