Comanche, TX

As we started our journey around Texas there were so many towns that were a dot on a map and some I had never even heard of. My mission was to find the hidden gems in each town and spread the word about the small businesses in each town. Comanche TX, near Stephenville TX is a small TX town that packs a lot of charm. Below you will find my travel guide for Comanche whether you are simply passing through on a roadtrip or planning a trip I hope you find this guide incredibly useful.


Sorrel Farms

I’m pretty sure I visited five times while I was in Comanche, no shame here. As you drive near Comanche you will see groves of Pecan trees. Sorrel Farms is one of the pecan farms in Comanche. Their storefront is the most precious little store that boasts products from gifts to fudge to clothing and of course every type of sugar coated pecan. They have regular events, when I was there they had a grab bag event that the first 10 people received a grab bag. I am still so jealous I didn’t make it in time because it was an AMAZING deal…whatever you could fit in a bag for 35 dollars.

Comanche Mercantile

Comanche Mercantile is a precious little store that is newer to the Comanche area. They have candy, gifts, and handmade items. Both times I went they had samples of delicious coffee and snacks that they had for sale.

Antique Mall

If you are into Antiques there is an Antique Mall on the square as well with booths of various items. It has a TON of different booths and little treasures throughout.


Brennan Vineyards

Sun – Tues: CLOSED
Wed – Thurs: 12:00PM – 5:00PM
Fri – Sat: 12:00PM – 6:00PM

As we drove past the downtown square following a blue sign that said winery we thought we were going to drive way out in the country. Instead of driving miles outside of town, Brennan Vineyards is conveniently located just a few minutes outside of town. We were and still are incredibly amazed at the beauty that was Brennan Vineyards. The tasting room was absolutely stunning, in a renovated historic home. We did two tastings and our top two choices were Comanche Rose(Sweet) and Buffalo Roam(Red). They have Patio Pairings where you can get a cheese and meat tray AND they have Cellar Spa Days where you can get a massage….holllar!! We loved this vineyard and found its quaint tasting room to bring a ton of character to Comanche.

Stone Eagle Beer Garden

Thurs. 4pm-12am
Fri. 4pm-12am
Sat. 4pm-12am

Stone Eagle Beer Garden is on the Downtown square and is such a neat place to visit. We went one Friday night for Karaoke night and ordered multiple of their appetizers. The food served at Stone Eagle is from the restaurant next door(Harvest Restaurant) which is absolutely delicious. We loved the atmosphere at Stone Eagle Beer Garden and the staff was incredibly kind and helpful. They are in part of 4 North Event Center that offers 4 incredibly gorgeous venues in renovated historic buildings in downtown Comanche.

Small Town Quick Guide | Comanche, TX

  • Brennan Vineyards
  • Stone Eagle Beer Garden
  • Sorrels Farms
  • Comanche Mercantile
  • Soda Shoppe
  • Cute shop next to Comanche mercantile
  • Downtown Farmers Market

**This guide in no way shows EVERYTHING there is to do in Comanche, these are just my top picks of my favorite places I found.

Here is to unravelling this life we love one adventure at a thyme. If you are interested in more Unravelled Thyme travel guides, click here.

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