Brownwood, TX

Brownwood Texas has my heart let me tell you. The community and kindness that this town radiates is unmatchable. Brownwood was full of the kindest and warmhearted people and it showed in every business we entered. There was so much that Brownwood had to offer in unique places to visit and see…plus it was the first town we stayed that had a Hobby Lobby…Hallelujah! This list in no way shows everything that Brownwood has to offer, just my favorite places that I found.

  • Runaway Train Cafe | All aboard Deliciousness: We pulled up to this train and I instantly was hooked. The restaurant was literally inside an old train car and it was so unique. We ordered Chicken Salad and a Burger and we were absolutely not disappointed. It was a neat experience that many would absolutely enjoy.
  • Pioneer Taphouse | Community : Pioneer Taphouse has recently opened and while we were there it was absolutely packed! We got to try a flight of our choice of the beers they had on draft and enjoy the atmosphere of this incredible place. They have events quite frequently that bring people of all ages into a place full of community, and joy. We spoke with the owner Micah and learned so so much about how Pioneer Taphouse came to be and the amazing history of the building they used. They had board games to check out, karaoke filling the air, and people full of laughter filled all of their tables. Our favorites:
  • Spirit Of Texas Winery | Best Atmosphere around: We walked into Spirit of Texas on a Friday night while many people were attending local Friday night football games. It was us, the owners, and some of their friends and it was a memory I will never forget. We first started with a tasting of many different wines, and honestly there wasn’t one I did not like. As we drank, the owner explained to us that the building and all that was inside was made from items found on the land they purchased. As I looked around, the building told more and more stories. The canoe behind the counter turned into shelves, the wood and tin on the walls transformed into a beautiful building, the van outside turned into a photo opportunity. As the night went on I heard stories that I will never forget as long as I live. I laughed so hard as they made us feel welcome, and brought such joy to our moments. They told stories that I retell to this day and cannot get through without cracking up about one aspect or another. As we rounded out the night, I honestly did not want to leave. This place is one of my favorites that I have been to, they had incredible wine… but more importantly they had a 5 star atmosphere of laughter, hospitality, and kindness. Our Favorites: Welcome White & Blush
  • Artisan Market | Baked Goodie Heaven : As we pulled up onto this market our first thought was oh there aren’t very many booths. We totally thought we would walk through it quickly and walk away empty handed. Boy were we so so wrong. This little market had so many unique artisans that we spent time at each booth learning about their craft and hearing stories of how much creating brought them joy. We literally walked away spending all the cash we had on hand on all the baked goods we could carry. We bought two handmade oatmeal cream pies and we could have ordered twenty more. We then walked to the final bakery booth and bought the most delicious cake I have every put into my mouth. Our Favorites: Coconut Pecan Cake from Monies
  • That Crane Store | Cute clothing : Super cute boutique style clothing in a downtown Brownwood. They had a a ton of precious fall T-shirt’s that I wanted one of each!
  • Underwoods | Roll heaven: For 12 bucks you get fried chicken, all the sides you want, cobbler, a drink, and ROLLS. I would have bought them out of rolls if I could have, so so good! Our favorites: Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, & Rolls

Where we stayed:

Brownwood State Park

Best Spots: Site 10 (As we pulled in the park ranger asked us how we knew about site 10.. adding that it was the best site in the park. We responded with well we had no idea but we are sure glad we chose it.)

Pros: Right on the water, gorgeous lake, very spacious sites

Cons: Some trails are not kept up well

Here is to unravelling this life we love one adventure at a thyme. For more travel guides click here.

With Joy,


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2 thoughts on “Brownwood, TX”

  • Hey Paige next time you are heading this way…put on your agenda to hit Ricochet a cool eclectic place of vintage goodies, Sligers Market to grab off local produce (the best pecans ever!) and there are quiet a few Brown County spots too for fun junkin and picking up treasures! So glad you found some hidden treasures, like Brownwood State Park, Artisan Market , Runaway Train and the others! Come back soon!

    • Robin, I would absolutely love to come back and visit the Sligers Market, I am so sad I missed it! I will have to stop back by and visit Richochet Antiques as well, Thanks so much for letting me know!

      With Joy,

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