About Me

My name is Paige, I am an adventure magnet, and I am so very glad you are here.

Here is a list of my favorite things ( cue Sound of Music…raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens)

  1. If Sonic had a gold member card for a lifetime of free drinks I would have reached it about 5 years ago, I mean when I drive and I see a sonic my steering wheel just automatically begins to turn, no self control. First sign of an addict is admittance, right?
  2. I am a big ole sucker for animals. I just turn into a child when there are puppies, mini pigs, camels, and I can’t reign myself in.
  3. Travel is in my blood. I love to go, to see, to explore, and I love bringing my 6 ft 7 fiancé and our adorably cute cuddle buddy Hank & our giant puppy Harlow,  right along with me.
  4. I am a plant loving, dirt under your fingernails, kind of gal. You can find me in the garden if I am not on the road. I love the process of gardening, the constant learning, and seeing all of your hard work pay off.
  5. I will try ANYTHING at least once…I love to try new things, hobbies, foods!
  6. I get the incredible of honor of having a job I absolutely love. I work as an Outdoor Education Instructor throughout the year. Being an Outdoor Instructor brings some of my greatest loves together, working with kids, being outside, and getting to teach things that I am passionate about.

Welcome to Unravelledthyme where we will unravel the time we have been given to discover the moments of joy in day to day life

With joy,