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10 things I learned in Africa.

I want to go back I want to go back. Places you go in your life you leave little pieces of yourself, this was one of my places.

  1. I could eat a whole plate of Chipati. It is like a fluffy pastry tortilla and man is it good.
  2. African Safaris are all they are summed up to be and more What a once in a lifetime opportunity…three cheetahs, elephants, and offroading to see giraffes and I would call it a success.
  3. You can stack your mo-ped with anything you can get to balance and as high as you want….I saw someone balancing an entire  couch one time.
  4. There are speed bumps and crosswalks on highways.
  5. The weather is perfect and everything grows well, the poinsettias are trees over there.
  6. Some of your heart will be left there, no matter who  you are.
  7. They are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet and truly want to get to know you.
  8. Taste everything, it usually tastes amazing even though it may not look super appealing.
  9. Baboons will steal your corn out of your hand on the side of the road and you will see wildlife everywhere you go.
  10. You will hear stories that will forever change your life and impact your thoughts about Africa.

With Joy,


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